Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Do I need Wi-Fi or any other Internet connection?

    Nope! When power fails, the Wi-Fi will too. iSocket is a cellular solution!
  • 2. Will iSocket notify me when power is restored?

  • 3. What is the cost of ownership? Do I need a data plan?

    You don't need your own SIM card or data plan. This new (since 2021) iSocket is a Plug-and-Go hassle-free solution with integrated connectivity that allows your iSocket to be connected to any available cellular network. We offer you a plan in proportion to the features you use. You will see your plan on checkout after you have selected your applications. Our prices are better than anything you would get from a local provider. More, you get not just a bare connection as it would be with your local provider, but also a convenient interface to work with iSocket and amazing support that we could not provide if we were selling you just hardware. On the top of that you have 30 days free test period and 30 days money back warranty.
  • 4. Why do you charge for different features?

    Since 2021 iSocket is a Plug-and-Go hassle-free solution with integrated connectivity that allows your iSocket to be connected to any available cellular network. We pay cellular service providers a base fee. On the top of that we pay a fee for data usage. Each feature of iSocket creates additional data usage. On the top of that we use clustering solutions for our servers and pay a fee to datacenters. This clustering solution allows you too see real-time status of your device 24/7/365. Each feature of iSocket creates additional usage of these server resources too. We believe that our fees are minimal, and most part of them are used to pay for the services of third parties. These two examples are only part of the full picture. It might not be so obvious how much work is going on there on the background when you just look at the interface, which we aimed to create very simple for end users.
  • 5. May I use my own SIM card?

    The whole idea of this new (since 2021) iSocket is that it is a hassle-free solution where end users do not have to think about SIM cards, networks and so on. The first 10 years (since 2010) that we only sold hardware our support team was overfilled with questions about numerous problems related to SIM cards and SMS deliverability. We would say that about 99% of the problems were for this reason. We won't that poor experience to our customers anymore.

    In any case, you should have paid your mobile operator for the SIM card and data usage. SMS control is not even considered - this is an outdated technology that does not allow any quality real-time monitoring. Delivery of non-human generated SMS in many countries is regulated and more and more countries impose restrictions on this. This is especially true in North America and Australia. It is also noticeable that the SMS-only plans have become a rarity.

    The main plans of mobile operators are designed to use a large amount of data for Internet browsing. Special plans for IoT (Internet of Things) usually have a small amount of data for a considerable fee. Our plans are developed in proportion to the features used and they are more beneficial for you that any plans from local operators.

    Additionally, you get not just a bare connectivity but an all-in-one solution. On the top of just connectivity that you would anyway need to buy from your provider you get an absolutely convenient interface for managing your iSocket, guaranteed connection to ANY available mobile network and we after all will be able to provide effective support, which is impossible when clients use their own SIM cards.

    In all respects, the new iSocket with built-in connectivity is much better!

    Not saying that this is iSocket to last - it supports all modern mobile technologies that are here to stay for next decades.
  • 6. How long are you on the market?

    We are a company with reputation who invented these power failure monitoring technologies more than 10 years ago when the world did not know about them. We are innovators of them and we are here to stay!
  • 7. Can I receive email and voice notifications about power outages and power restore events too?

    Yes, you can! Text, voice or email notifications about power outages as well as power restore events are available in this new iSocket since 2021. Voice messages can be customized. Voice alerts about power outages are highly recommended, because they are not affected by different regulations/restrictions enforced by operators for text messages in some countries even though we are whitelisted for such alert.
  • 8. How many numbers can be added for power outage notifications and temperature alerts?

    In the new Plug-and-Go iSocket since 2021 you can add unlimited phones for power outage alerts as well as for notifications about other alarms, such as temperature rise / temperature fall, burglar, water leak, gas leak, etc.
  • 9. Are my credit card details protected when I pay through your website?

    Of course! We do not store your card details. Our payment provider BlueSnap is PCI compliant. You can also pay with PayPal if you wish so.
  • 10. Does iSocket have a warranty?

    Absolutely! iSocket will carry at least a one year warranty from the date of shipment to you.
  • 11. Do I need technical skills to use iSocket?

    Nope! We have 10+ years of experience in this field and we've invented these monitoring technologies. We know your needs and we are able to amaze you with how simple and easy everything will work out of the box without a complex configuration. We will configure iSocket for you based on your order and you can do changes anytime you wish via a convenient interface from your mobile phone or computer. This new (since 2021) iSocket that combines all our 10+ years experience is really awesome! Power, energy, temperature and alarm monitoring were never that easy!

    Only for some alarm sensors (motion, smoke or gas detectors) you will need some help with wiring. This is another story and only few customers require this.
  • 12. Do you have apps?

    You don't need "traditional" apps anymore. We use Progressive Web App (PWA) technology. This means you can manage iSocket from any device - either computer or phone. On the phone you can "install" it as a PWA - just add it to your home screen and you will see it works in a similar to traditional apps way on your phone. It takes zero space on your phone.
  • 13. This new iSocket is 4G?

    The new iSocket for Australia and New Zealand (since 2021) will support all available technologies in Australia and New Zealand, include so called 4G. iSocket 3G is now obsolete and discontinued. When all operators in Australia and New Zealand will begin support technologies for IoT (Internet-of-Things) - like eMTC or NB-IoT - nationalwide we will be ready too. We already sell iSocket with these technologies to the US, where all operators support them, which is not the case with Australia and New Zealand. You don't actually need to think it terms of 'G' (which means 'Generation'), you just need to know that with technologies we use your iSocket will work for 10+ years (likely 20+). The new iSocket represents a fully new approach - you don't think about tech, networks, coverage in your area, SIMs, carriers, contracts, difficult settings, etc - you just receive a Plug-and-Go solution that will work on any location and will last.
  • 14. Where is the iSocket designed and manufactured?

    All iSockets are designed and assembled in Finland to strict quality standards. iSocket Systems is a manufacturer of devices. iSockets are not re-branded or re-manufactured from someone else's products, they are original, made by iSocket Systems with quality to last. The products come with the appropriate certification.
  • 15. I am a member of press and want to review your product. How do I contact you?

    Please contact us through this form.