Don't let a power outage damage your property. Learn how to avoid disaster caused by a power outage and get an alert to your phone.

iSocket – a useful gadget for your home

Power outage alarm device

iSocket is an intelligent device that plugs into a power point and can alert you of a power failure. This gives you peace of mind or informs you of a problem. Another useful feature is that you can connect any home appliance to iSocket and start or stop it remotely from anywhere in the world. You can turn on a refrigerator remotely, stop a pump remotely, reboot your router remotely and so on. You can do these operations with any appliance that is fitted with a plug.

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What features does your iSocket have

The power outage alert is the main feature of this iSocket model. But there are extra useful features included as standard.

Remote switching

You can connect a home appliance and turn it on or off remotely. Just text the message ON and the appliance will start to operate.

Reboot when hung-up

Reboot your router or other IT equipment when it hangs up. Just call the iSocket and it will reboot your router automatically.

Free of charge operations

You can configure iSocket to call you back to confirm the switching or reboot. You call the iSocket, it drops the call, performs the configured action and calls you back. At no charge.

Power outage alerts SMS with iSocket

Free Apps for Smartphones

You can manage your iSocket from convenient apps for Android and iOS.

Incredible security!

iSocket has 3 levels of security: protection with a list of allowed phones, with a password and a limit for the configuration interval

Made in Finland

All iSocket products are designed and manufactured in Finland to strict quality standards.

How the power outage alert feature works

iSocket has a number of built-in features that come as standard, such as free of charge remote switching and rebooting for home appliances. The power outage alert is the main feature of this model. Learn how this feature will work for you and help you prevent loss or damage to your property in the event of a power outage.


We do NOT charge for this service. A SIM card from your favourite operator or Truphone SIM is all you need. The cost of using iSocket can be as little as 9 cents per message.


Plug the iSocket into a power outlet and wait for it to connect to the mobile network.


This message stores your phone number onto the iSocket and it is then ready to receive power outage alerts.


"Forewarned is forearmed". If you are informed of a power outage in good time you can take the corrective action promptly and avoid disaster.

Special offer for power failure alarm

A small cost for the peace of mind and comfort that iSocket gives you

Remember, the cost of the damage from a power outage can be considerably more than the cost of a solution that will send you power outage notifications. And remember, power failure alerting is not the only feature iSocket offers you.

Where do people use iSocket?

iSocket is used to monitor power outage all over the world, by many people in different applications. Look through these applications and see how iSocket can help you. Remember, the cost of the damage from a power outage can be considerably more than the cost of a solution that will send you power outage notifications.

  • People use iSocket all over the world in their homes and offices to monitor power outages and start or stop equipment remotely.
    Power Outage Alarm Device for home and office
  • John, and other farmers like him, use iSocket to remotely control the power supply to cattle feeders.
    Power failure alert to cell phone for farmers
  • Nicky and Anna will get an immediate alert if there is a power outage on shore and they need to check the boat.
    Shore power loss alarm via SMS
  • Customers use iSocket to monitor power of servers in data centres.
    Power failure alarm for datacentres
  • The fishing industry use iSocket to monitor power supply to pumps and other equipment used in the fishing and seafood industries.
    Power outage monitor for fishing and seafood industry
  • Alberto – and a number of other greenhouse owners use iSocket to monitor power supply and to stop or start irrigation systems remotely.
    Power outage monitor in a greenhouse

If you could not find an application that suits your needs exactly, use it just for the peace of mind it offers you. There is no monthly fee, nor any service charges. We offer a 30 day money bank guarantee - return the product if you are not completely satisfied.

What customers say

Rick McAndrew from Australia has a boat and tells what happens when electricity cut off and why it is important for him to get a power loss alert immediately.

The best for Australia?

People are using iSocket all over the world to monitor power outage and for other applications. Why don't you? Check out what makes iSocket an outstanding choice for Australians.

Certified for Australia

Works on all major mobile networks in Australia

Fast shipping

Free support from manufacturer

Who are we?

Check out who we are and what guarantees we provide.

9 years experience

We have extensive experience in the development of electronics and software.

Authorised distribution

We are the manufacturer of the product and we know our product!

30 day money back guarantee

You can return a product if you are not fully satisfied.

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Your payments to us are protected by the PayPal protection programme.


We protect our intellectual property worldwide. We invest for the future. We are here to stay!

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Yes. iSocket is certified for use in Australia and New Zealand. Our partner is the recognised Responsible Supplier.
You do NOT pay a subscription fee to us. All you pay us is the price of the iSocket. The cost of using it depends on which SIM card provider you choose. You pay your operator for the messages sent from iSocket. In addition, if you want to use the iSocket for remote rebooting or switching you can configure to do this for free – you call the device and it calls you back. There is no charge for that. Voice mail must be disabled if you want to use this feature. Please check the next questions for additional information about recommended SIM cards and coverage.
Coverage will depend on which operator you choose to use with iSocket – in the same way as with your mobile phone. But there is one positive difference with iSocket – you won’t be travelling around the country with iSocket, so you can choose to use any operator that has coverage in the place that the iSocket will be installed. This allows you to choose the best tariff. There are 3 major mobile networks in Australia: Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Check the coverage map for each of them and see if they provide service in your area. You then need to choose a SIM card that works on the network that covers your area. When you choose a network keep in mind that iSocket only needs to send text messages and does NOT require data traffic until you decide to perform remote firmware update. If you wish to use a feature where you reboot remotely by a phone call, then you also need voice support from the network (usually it is avaialble together with SMS plans). Some operators (e.g. Telstra) have removed information about voice & SMS coverage from their map. But, to put it simply, if there is ANY coverage in your area, then it definitely means that you will be covered for all your iSocket needs.
iSocket comes with a slot for a micro SIM card. It could be a SIM card from your telco supplier or pre-paid cards from providers that resell SIM cards that work on the networks of major carriers. These resellers may offer a better price for service and simple online activation for their SIM cards. Remember to check with them which network they operate on. Your coverage will depend on the service offered by the upstream carrier. It is difficult to say that iSocket will definitely work with any SIM card, because there are so many specific offers on the market nowadays. Some SIM cards might be tailored to work with data traffic only and they will not work with iSocket, because iSocket needs messaging (SMS). But we can assure you that there are enough customers in Australia who have successfully tested iSocket with SIM cards from many different providers.
We would recommend using pre-paid cards with long or no expiry date. These allow you to pay only for messages that iSocket sends to you and not to be tied into a monthly charges. If a message costs 9 cents and a power outage alert has only been sent once, that will be the total cost to you for the month. We would also recommend that you buy SIM cards from providers who have a simple activation process for new SIM cards, because iSocket does not have a keyboard or a screen. One of the good options for Australia is Truphone SIM. This is a prepaid card with simple online activation, airtime does not expire and the cost of messages is low – only 9 cents. Check their current offers on the Truphone website. Truphone SIM works on the Optus network. Check if this network is available where you plan to use iSocket. Our customers have also tested iSocket with SIM cards purchased from SavvyTel, Amaysim, LycaMobile and a few others. These have lower startup costs, but a higher price for an SMS, a shorter expiry date and a slightly more complicated activation process.
If the SIM card you purchased requires activation through a mobile phone, you should use an UNLOCKED phone that accepts a micro SIM card, because iSocket does not have a keyboard or a screen. If you don’t have this kind of phone we would recommend that you either ask the provider's store to activate the card for you, or borrow a phone from someone. You only need a phone once - for the activation of your SIM card and for disabling the PIN code if the card has a PIN code. Alternatively, consider buying a SIM card from providers that offer online activation without a phone, e.g. Truphone SIM.
Yes, iSocket will send a message as soon as power is restored and the mobile network is available.
We design and manufacture iSocket in Finland.
We provide free support, in English, by email.
PayPal accept credit/debit cards. You can check out securely with PayPal and then pay with your Visa/MasterCard. We also offer alternative checkout where you can pay with credit/debit cards. Check that you card is activated to send payments outside Australia, because our payment processing is located in Finland.
We offer a 30 day Money back guarantee.
We offer 1 year 100% manufacturer warranty. If you experience a fault, please email us and we will try to solve any faults due to possible misunderstandings or similar problems. If the problem is due to the hardware, we will provide an address for return. We pay the cost of return and send you a new unit. You will not need to wait for a lengthy repair. We aim to give you full satisfaction!
Only iSocket 3G is suitable for Australia since 2017. It offers you power outage and temperature monitorings.
Should you have a project where you need more than 10 units, you can apply for a discount using this application. You will need to import product directly. Alternatively, you can contact our Australian dealers. Our MOQ requirements for projects is 10 units.
You are welcome to Apply for Dealership. Our MOQ requirements is 100 units.

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