How To Minimize Potential Losses On Your Farm Or Greenhouse

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Translated from the original French article.

Most farms cannot do without power, whether it is greenhouses or incubators, electricity is essential, because without it nothing works and it is thanks to it that we can for example regulate the temperature or the lighting of vegetables and ornamental plants in greenhouses.… Read more

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How To Be Prepared To Avoid Damages During Rainy Seasons

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You basement is flooded during heavy rains because your pump stopped operating? That's where iSocket with iSocket Water Sensor will help. Read more
iSocket with iSocket Water Sensor will act as a flood alarm with text message notifications or call or email

Power Cuts Put Storage of Vaccines in Risk

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Power cut in the vaccination center damaged vaccines. How to avoid such problems with prompt power failure alerts from iSocket? Read more
iSocket helps with vaccine storage monitoring - power and temperatures